Ultra Geothermal in Barrington, New Hampshire

Energy Solutions for the Environment

Endorsed by the EPA

The EPA endorses geothermal as the most efficient, cleanest and most cost-effective heating and cooling system available. An Ultra system provides:


300% – 500% efficient as opposed to fossil fuels which are 90% efficient.

A smaller carbon footprint.

Your heating and cooling choices can make more of an impact than your driving habits. An Ultra system eliminates emissions from in-home combustion.

Fuel independence.

As the heat and pressure (and prices) increase, utility companies are buying more and more power from sustainable sources, and even the oil companies are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. We can help you do your part. An Ultra system is a solution not a fossil.

Clean air inside and out.

Breathe easy. Our systems produce no toxic fumes in your home and send no hazardous emissions up your chimney.

Geothermal: Where Comfort and Values Meet

With geothermal, you no longer have to choose between your comfort and your values.

Geothermal systems provide comfort and value

Energy-efficient homes

The Green Dream Home

It is possible to build a sustainable, energy-efficient home within the same budget parameters as building an everyday conventional home. This home was built to National Green Building Standards.

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