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Renewable Energy

Geothermal Draws Energy from the Earth

Geothermal heating and cooling systems – also called geoexchange or ground-source heat pumps – provide all-season comfort by tapping the energy that is naturally stored in the earth. This energy isn't just renewable: it's constant.

Ultra Systems Provide Comfort in All Seasons


Conventional furnaces burn fossil fuels, depleting precious resources and polluting the air. An Ultra system draws the earth's natural warmth into the home, through the use of a geothermal ground source heat pump.

Air Conditioning

Conventional cooling systems pump indoor heat to the hot outdoor air, requiring immense amounts of electricity. Using significantly less electricity than a condenser unit, a geothermal system draws the earth's cooler temperature into the water, providing cost-effective summer comfort.

Hot water

Geothermal heat pumps can assist in the production of domestic hot water off their system for low-cost hot water. However, the desuperheater really only provides excess heat during the A/C mode and to get the most efficient hot water solution year-round, Ultra Geothermal recommends installing a heat pump water heater to handle all your domestic water needs.

Ground-source heat pumps tap the constant, renewable energy that is naturally stored in the earth.

Open and Closed Loop Ground Source Systems

This can be done by using either a dedicated open or closed loop ground source. In the frigid New England temperatures we suggest using either an open loop standing column well system or a vertical bore-hole closed loop application.

Ultra Geothermal prefers to install closed loops so the out-of-pocket maintenance costs to the homeowner are as low as they can be. For this reason we can work with you to design either a vertical closed loop or even a horizontal closed loop, if you have enough land space.

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